Thursday, 24 December 2015

Road trip!

Over my birthday a few weeks back, Fate handed me a super-long weekend, so I decided to do something special and planned myself a little road-trip.  I picked up a really over-priced hire car from Granada and headed west across Andalucía, passing through Ronda, Cadiz, Tarifa and Gibraltar.  Since I've been uber-lazy with the blog and there's too much to fit into one blog post, here are the highlights of my trip...

Discovering the oldest bullfighting ring in Spain

Exploring the hillside towns of Malaga province

Checking out the Old Bridge of Ronda

Looking across to the mainland from the island city of Cadiz

Looking out over the coast of Spain from the Cadiz Cathedral
Seeing the Trafalgar Lighthouse

Standing at the southernmost point of Europe - Tarifa, Spain

Looking over the Strait of Gibraltar to Africa

Watching glassblowers at work in Gibraltar

Meeting Barbary macaques in Gibraltar

Climbing the Rock of Gibraltar! 

Celebrating my 23rd birthday in style on the Costa del Sol