Saturday, 26 September 2015

Gypsy Dreams in Andalucía!

Hi guys!

I know I am WAY behind with posting, but I have finally arrived in Spain! About a week and a half ago I flew into Granada, the capital of Andalucía, and for the past few days I've been staying in a hostel in Baza, the medium-sized rural Spanish town which I now call home.

The past several days have been filled with getting a bank account, not getting a SIM card, getting a SIM card, getting locked out of the Immigration Department, getting bureaucracied by the Immigration Department, getting thoroughly underwhelmed by the Immigration Department, getting the hell out of the Immigration Department, escaping to Baza, learning Spanish words for apartments, looking at apartments, getting brain-fuzzled in Spanish, dropping into my school, meeting everyone single teacher at my school, getting brain-fuzzled in Spanish again, running out of apartments to look at, setting off the detectors in the supermarket on a daily basis and walking every inch of Baza until you could hire me as a tour guide. Yeah, I've been a bit busy. Also everyone thinks I'm way cool because I'm from Australia and I speak good Spanish - I can only vouch for the veracity of the first part though! Anyway, here's some pictures of Granada and Baza:

Granada Cathedral by night

The street beside the hostel, Granada

The monastery of Saint Geronimo

Plaza de la Merced, Baza

Avenida Jose de Mora, the main street of Baza

An 'earmacy' in Granada

The trees along the roads are orange trees!

Another building in Granada

Plaza Mayor, Baza

An alleyway in Baza

Parque de la Constitucion, Baza

Looking east over Baza

Baza by twilight

Looking southeast from the Baza municipal library

Parque de la Alameda, Baza

This park has real trees and grass!

UPDATE: I have an apartment! Moving next week just before classes start.  I'm now in every sense a settled resident of Spain!

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