Sunday, 2 August 2015

Hasta luego, Australia

It's been almost three years since I found myself typing out the first record of my many adventures overseas as I prepared to spend a year living, working and studying in France.  I'm a little older, wiser and more well-travelled than I was then, but it feels just as surreal to be once again moving my life to my new European home - Spain.

For those who haven't heard the details, I've accepted a position as an auxiliar de conversación, or 'language teacher assistant', at Jose de Mora High School in southern Spain. For a modest wage, I spend 12 hours a week in the classroom as a native speaker with the English students of Jose de Mora, helping with pronunciation, spelling, cultural understanding or whatever else the teacher needs. In my down time I plan to join a bunch of clubs and social activities, make some Spanish friends, and also travel as much as I can through southern Spain, northern Africa and maybe even central Europe.

I'll be spending six weeks travelling around Europe first up - two weeks relaxing in Italy, followed by a month homestaying and exploring in England, Scotland and Wales - before finally arriving in Spain in mid-September, allowing me enough time to get organised and settled in before school starts on October 1.

I'll try and keep this blog updated as often as I can, both travelling and in Spain, so make sure to check back regularly to keep up with all my crazy Andalucian adventures!

xoxo Firefly

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